What if I told you that you could create the business of your dreams from your passion and it support the life of your dreams?

-A business that will give you more FREEDOM, FLEXIBILITY and FINANCES?


-A business that will allow you to do what you love to do EVERYDAY so it doesn’t feel like work?


-A business that will allow you to service amazing people all while leaving a legacy for your family? 


-And That you can generate $10k a month every month in this business? Yes 120K plus annually?


-Would you believe me? 


-You should because I’m no storyteller, I did it and have trained many others to do the same.  I know it to be a reality. 



I’ve been a full time entrepreneur for 9 years and it was only a year and a half ago that I was able to generate 10K a month.  At this point we’re at 22K plus monthly.  Initially I couldn’t figure out how to cross over therefore I sought out business coaching services from someone in the industry that’s already where I desire to be. Some may say I could’ve found the info on YouTube but the problem with the mindset is...


1. You don’t know what you don’t know- If you did you wouldn’t be stuck.


2. I don’t have time- to go through YouTube University would take me more than a year to watch videos, learn various skills and apply them into my business with hopes of yielding results.  The coach helped me to expedite the learning process so that I could get to the money. 


3. I used to be excited generating 80K annually however we’re now approaching quarter million and I’m even more excited.


Why am I so excited?  Not with just the money although the money is pretty darn exciting.  I enjoy the flexibility this entrepreneurship journey is giving me.  I care for my 85 year old mom therefore I can take her to her appointments with no problems, I can support my kids in what they want to do, I can make a decision to work in Jamaica for a week and get up and go (which is what I did last week and it was amazing)!!  It’s the FREEDOM for me!!


I knew that God was calling me to greater, even though at the time my bank account was not in alignment with what I needed to do.  I needed to make a 15,000 investment to be in a Mastermind group to work with my coach and I barely had 1,000 in the bank.  I spoke with the coach arranged how my payments would be made and made a decision that I was going full throttle in the direction of my dreams.  That I would learn what I needed to in order to elevate my business.  

I learned things…

I applied these learned things…

I hit my first set of consistent 10K months

I did more of the things

hit 12K




Last month 30K…. So I’m not just talking about possibilities, I’m a living testament to the Limitless Earning Potential attached to your business no matter what you decide to do.  You simply have to make up in your mind that this is what you want and go 100 or better yet go 1000 until you get it and I’m here to help you to expedite the process to get you to consistent 10K months.  Once you see how easy it is to make 100,000 then you can stretch for 250,000 then 500,000 then 7 figures. 


Making your first 100K is the hardest, after that when we can help you to determine what works you can duplicate the process and then there’s no limit to how much you can earn FUTURE MILLIONAIRE (or should that say BILLIONAIRE??).

So if you’re tired of being stuck

Tired of your business not making the money you know it should make

Tired of working hard 10-15 hours a day in your business

Tired of …oh hell just tired


Then I created this program just for you.  This is for the mother that created a business to leave a legacy for her kids.  Need the finances to give her kids a life she never lived, create memories that will last her kids a lifetime.  The woman shaking back from divorce left to figure it all out on her own. The woman that was in a career and changed to entrepreneurship saying THIS HAS TO WORK giving it all or nothing,….SIS THIS IS FOR YOU!!





I am YOU.

I’ve been a single mother


A Women with a vision 


But I knew in order to make everything that was in my head manifest I had to link with a Coach to get me there.  I’d been doing a lot of stuff but not getting the massive results I desired and I was once told insanity is to do the same thing over and over and EXPECT different results.  I’m not insane therefore I did something different to receive different results……and so should you!!!

If you’re ready to make luxury your new norm and live the life of your dreams, it’s time for you to join my 10K in 30 Program.  In the 10K in 30 days you can expect to learn...

  • Get clarity on your business’ offerings and its target audience (clearly defining your Avatar)
  • Create your packages that fit your Ideal Client’s needs.
  • Mindset work necessary for business sustainability
  • Business audit to determine effectiveness
  • Develop strategies and implementation plan that creates consistent $10k months in your business
  • Building your list with people who love and desire to work with you
  • Learn the marketing to attract ideal clients
  • Getting comfortable with going live in offer to increase brand awareness


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